18 - 20 December 2018
Surveillance Audit FSC-FM 2018
Tempat: Pesama Timber Corporation Sdn. Bhd., Kemaman, Terengganu.

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Forest Management

Forest Management at PESAMA is both farsighted and innovative. Guided by the principles of sustained yield and sustainable forest management (SFM), forest resources are carefully documented before standing timber-sized trees are selectively felled and removed at a rate roughly equal to the growth of those remaining “potential crop trees (PCTs)”, over a time period (cutting cycle) thereby ensuring an infinite supply of quality timbers in perpetuity.

Through the application of the reduced impact logging (RIL) methods and specifications, the negative impacts of logging are mitigated and the natural forest environment and ecology are jealously protected. In other words, our comprehensive and balanced approach to SFM of the tropical rain forest assures that all other forest functions, services, natural habitats for flora and fauna, Non-Timber Forest Produce (NTFP), high conservation value forests (HCVFs) and the interest of local natives and forest-dependent communities within and in the immediate vicinity of our Cherul Forest Concession (CFC) are well-protected and maintained over a time continuum.

Under the currently adopted Selective Management System (SMS), timber-sized trees to be logged are determined based on a combination of minimum diameter-at-breast-height (DBH) cutting limits which are finely calculated based on data collected from a pre-felling inventory exercise, incorporating a host of considerations. The latter include the variability in tree density and distribution (by size and species), target tree species mix, growth and recovery rates of PCTs and natural regeneration, mother trees, variability in terrain and landform, presence and pattern of stream-flows and water-bodies including riverine ecosystems, etc. Hence timber-sized trees could be judiciously and selectively harvested from the assigned forest compartment with no real danger of serious depletion. At the same time, pockets of areas and spaces exposed and damaged due to logging activities are quickly silviculturally rehabilitated through replantation with seedlings of premium tree species (open area planting (OAP)). Over the long term, this system makes for optimal output without the evils of deforestation.

PESAMA's CFC which covers a total area of 20,243 hectare of rich natural tropical rain forest (TRF) is divided into five sectors of 4,048 hectares each. Selectively logged at a rate of 600 hectares annually, it allows for a rotational harvesting cycles of approx. 30 years as dictated and guided by the existing long-term Forest Management Plan (FMP) document prepared for CFC. In a sense, SFM is not, in the short run, dependent on reforestation since trees take up to 75 years to mature. It is therefore a measure of PESAMA's long range planning that forest resource rehabilitation through open-area planting is nevertheless an important part of its silviculture. The advantage of reforestation through OAP which only becomes meaningful after the third cycle (75 years), is that it allows for the opportunity to determine the ideal tree species mix in selecting timber species that have proved to be marketable, fast growing and economical to work with.

In the final analysis, sustainable forest management, as currently practiced by PESAMA, is not merely a matter of ensuring a stable supply of timber; it is designed with an awareness that well and soundly managed natural TRF ecosystems such as these, are also invaluable assets for water and soil protection, scientific pursuits and education, ecotourism, last refuge for flora and fauna as well as safeguard for whatever high conservation values (HCV)s and resources present in the forest.

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